Servertut Install

Known as a manager VPS / Server is very efficient , compact , simple and easy to use , Servertut Script has been a lot of people trust and use . This is a manager Nguyen Van Tien VPS is written and provides free on forum . Currently closed and servertut script has been commercialized and serve business at the company 's main selling author VPS . With Servertut VPS you can manage simple as ever from the additional domain, database management and optimization ... All job VPS optimized VPS servertut will automatically make you during installation .

I. Step 1 - Preparation Minimum System Requirements :    

  •  OS : CentOS 6 64 bit    
  •  It would be better if VPS / Server you use SSD hard disk .

II . Servertut Script Installation
yum -y install wget && wget && chmod +x install && ./install